17 February 2008

Post 90

Readership of this blog seems to be expanding. The frightening thing is, most of the people coming to The Eccentric Sage are people who actually know me, and I really have no idea what sorts of expectations they have when they come exploring. So I've really been wondering what kind of blog I want this to be, but I haven't really come to any solid conclusions.

When I started blogging about six months ago, I really had no idea what sorts of things I'd write about; I just kinda let the blog go, watching to see where it'd take me. Looking back now, I see that it's taken me for quite a ride!

I'm a very confused young man. A close friend of mine once told a girl who was trying to figure me out that I am the most confused person he knows. I do not reject this rather dubious honor--the proverbial shoe fits far too well--and I think that this confusion really shows through in some of the things I've said on this blog.

I don't really imagine that confusion is a condition that is unique to me, though. In fact, I imagine that most everyone is confused about something--I just happened to be confused about everything. I'm wondering, though, from a blogging standpoint, if this unilateral confusion that's afflicting me isn't actually a blessing; it certainly gives me a lot to blog about!

So if you're new to The Eccentric Sage, I think that the best description that I can give to you of this blog is that it's my place to be publicly confused about whatever happens to be confusing me at the moment--sometimes a book or a movie, sometimes other people, sometimes life in general. So I hope that this is a place where we can come and be confused together. And, though I consider myself to be at least moderately cynical, I hope some of the things I say make you smile from time to time 'cuz I'm trying to be a happy cynic.

If you're looking to explore, I recommend my recent resolution concerning happiness or my attitude toward physical pain or my declaration of morals. Also, let me point out my topical guide along the left-hand side of the screen--my favorites are probably "cows" and "rants," though I like to think that some of my movie reviews have been rather fine too. Of course, if you wanna good look at my confusion and madness, "me" is probably the best place to start.

Anyway, welcome to my blog. I don't know why I'm putting this information here, but I hope it serves somebody. Feel free to poke around; there's quite a bit to see.