31 July 2007

Post 1

Welcome to The Eccentric Sage

First order of business, a clarification:
I am not The Eccentric Sage; the Blog is The Eccentric Sage. I am naught but a German butterfly, flitting about, pressing keys, trying to act intelligent--no small feat, at my age. Indeed, as my Older friend pointed out in an email, "I understand, but you're too young (chronologically) to be 'the eccentric sage,' aren't you?" Yes, frankly, I am; I'm too young to be any sort of sage, even an eccentric one (though eccentricity is who I am and what I do). But I, Schmetterling, am the sole contributor/inventor of all eccentric wisdom posted on this blog, so, in a way, I'm like an eccentric sage. It's complicated; I know; just smile and nod--we'll get along fine.