18 July 2009

Post 207

I learned recently that, just as English fairy tales often begin with "Once upon a time" and end with "And they lived happily ever after," Hungarian fairy tales often begin with, "Once where there was and wasn't" and end with "And they are still alive if they haven't died yet."

Which do you suppose makes less sense?

Also, right after "Once where there was and wasn't," many tales include a completely irrelevant bit of information. The one I read started with "Once where there was or wasn't, the Lord of Dobrogi loved red apples"--and then he wasn't even the main character: he was the bad guy and didn't show up until a few paragraphs later.

Interesting stuff, these folk tales.

13 July 2009

Post 206

I'm famous!

At least, I will be so long as this site stays under construction.

(Thanks to Schlange for alerting me to this)

Post 205

So, I was just at the BYU homepage and saw an announcement that there will be a devotional tomorrow (there's one most every Tuesday). The topic: happiness; the speaker: this guy

Seriously, dude--if you're gonna be talking about happiness, maybe you should smile a bit!