04 November 2009

Post 218

This from a 1976 "Dear Abby" submitted by THINKING MAN:

"If you absolutely cannot refrain from drinking, start a saloon in your own home. Be the only customer and you will not have to buy a license. Give your wife $12.00 to buy a gallon of whiskey. there are 128 shots in a gallon. Buy all your drinks from your wife at 40¢ a shot and in four days when the gallon is gone, your wife will have $39.20 to put in the banks and $12.00 to buy another gallon. If you live 10 years and buy all your booze from your wife and then die with snakes in your boots, she will have $35,750.40 on deposit, enough to bury you respectably, bring up your children, buy and house and lot, marry a decent man and forget she ever knew YOU!"

Maybe I need to develop some expensive bad habits while I'm single so someday when I'm married I can give my wife a nest egg....